THARRATS, Joan Josep

THARRATS VIDAL, Joan Josep (Girona, 1918 – Barcelona, 2001).

Tharrats was one of the founders of the group ‘Dau al Set’ in 1948 together with Joan Ponç, Antoni Tàpies, Modest Cuixart and Joan Brossa.

He published and edited the magazine of the same name until 1956. He studied painting and printmaking in Barcelona. After a post- impressionist period, he entered the world of surrealism and magical abstraction but gave it up in 1954 in favour of informalism with large spills, strong colour and the abundant texture, which characterizes classic ‘Maculaturas’.

After the collapse of Dau al Set, he was involved in creating the Tahull Group (1955), who were young Catalan painters moved by abstraction and the neo-figurative art styles. He was also interested in graphic design, illustration, applied arts and the world of publishing. In these work he played with a range of blues, greys and white to suggest shapes and textures, but always avoiding the figurative.

Tharrats participated in countless exhibitions in 1948 and individual collections in major cities around the world in 1950. His work was exhibited in art galleries including Solomon R. Guggenheim, Museum of Modern Art (New York), National Art Museum of Queen Sofía (Madrid) and Tate Gallery (London) and many others. In 2009 the Diputación de Barcelona dedicated the exhibition “Les Maculatures de Tharrats” to him.