SORIANO , Ferran ( Barcelona 1944 )

Ferran Soriano was born in the Les Corts district of Barcelona in 1944, to a humble, working class family. His father worked as a tinsmith and Soriano soon learned the mastery of modeling steel and began to plan his profession as a sculptor. 
He studied in Paris in 1974 and in 1975 the Hospitalet of Llobregat council in Barcelona awarded him a scholarship to study in Rome. He learned sculpturing techniques using different materials with sculptor Ricardo de Miceli. Similarly, in 1980, he studied engraving skills with engraver and painter Josep Badia. Since that time, his work has gone through various stages. 

He currently works with imaginary concepts in the symbolist style. Many of his works can be found in Holland, Belgium, as well as Barcelona, Sitges, Begues, Sant Boi and Hospitalet where he produced five sculptural works, including the famous flight of pigeons. 
Soriano currently lives and works in nearby towns of Barcelona. He lives in the Bellvitge neighbourhood and has his workshop in Sant Boi. 
Soriano has over one hundred solo exhibitions in Catalonia, Spain, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Russia and USA and other countless collections. He also has sculptures in outdoor urban spaces, museums, foundations and various agencies both private and public. 

The late Francisco Candel was a great friend since childhood. He is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Paco Candel Foundation. On 16 March during the award ceremony Memorial Francesc Candel 3rd Edition (2010), Ferran donated a sculpture symbolic to Candel’s life, which is also the original logo for the foundation itself. 
Forty years of his devotion to art was celebrated in 2010 when his work was sited in the community gardens at the new General Hospital of Baix Llobregat Litoral of Sant Boi (Barcelona), which was dedicated to Dr. José Morales Garrido, founder of the first hospital in Barcelona.