RUZ, Rafael

RUZ, Rafael  (Barcelona 1956)

While contemplating the painting of Ruz, we are inclined to talk about real ‘psychodrama’, in the same sense that Julius Bissier referred to some of the features in his own work.

In fact, each one of his pieces offers an instant insight into Ruz, revealing solitary and isolated moments of deep significance between time and space. Ruz manages to express authentic colour parallels derived from his own concepts with brief, subtle signs of a deeper, more profound atmosphere and with inscribed values across a wide range of subjects.

In his message, the language concept portrayed or spoken is the suggested form with the evident deep structural relationship between space and isolated components, which is full of his own identity.

From the mixture of integrated tones – often prepared in “controlled whirlwind”s – emerge contrasting symbols that impose strong, graphical impact and intellectual resonance to his audience.

It is the overall emotional and visual content of his proposal, together with his deliberated diachronic range that is exposed: “dealing with a subjective world that is, likewise, an objective expression of an inner truth”.

Exhibition highlights:

– Miguel de Agustín Gallery, Helsingborg (Suecia)
– Interarte, Valencia
– Galería Matisse, Barcelona
– Sala Gaspar, Barcelona
– Pearson Gallery, New York (USA)
– ARCO, Stand Sala Gaspar, Madrid
– Masters Art Galeries, Palma de Mallorca
– Galería r. Heike, Colonia (Alemania)
– Galería Ciccia, Trieste, (Italia)
– Feria de arte Contemporáneo, Caracas (Venezuela)
– Galería Pedreguet Art, Lavaur, Toulouse (Francia)
– Guerrero Galeria d’Art , Sitges-Barcelona.