RAVENTÓS, María Assumpció

RAVENTÓS Mª Assumpció –  (San Sadurní d’Anoia, Barcelona 1930).

Raventos trained at the elite Sant Jordi School of Fine Arts in Barcelona.

Raventós expanded her studies in etching and lithography at the Friedlaender workshop (Paris) and Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. She also made a later trip to the orient to study Japanese print.

From 1955 to the present day, she has held twenty-three solo exhibitions of her work mainly in Spain, but also overseas.

During 1952-1957, she went to the School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona to study tapestry techniques from the hands of a master Josep Grau-Garriga. She gained a scholarship at Amigó Cuyàs Foundation and would later travel to Castilla and Extremadura. She also produced etchings at the Arts iel Llibre studio in Barcelona and Johnny Friedlaender workshop in Paris.

During 1962-1965, she participated in the ‘Group Krit’ exhibitions in Catalonia and in main cities throughout Italy, Germany, Sweden and Hong Kong. She participated in the whole series of ‘Female Hall of Contemporary Art’ (1962-1969) and ‘May Salon’ (1962’1964) and was also president of these exhibitions.

She officially opened a painting and etching exhibition and would present new techniques to the Institute of American Studies in Barcelona. She is appointed Professor of Drawing and Color at IADE (Institute of Art and Decorations) and developed this role from 1968-1972. She was also appointed Deputy Chairman Professor of Etchings in the academic year 1969-1970 at the “Sant Jordi School of Fine Arts” in Barcelona.

Highlighted awards among many others are:

  • Vice President of AAPIFAD (Asociación de Actividades Artesanas y de Investigación Plástica del FAD).
  • Awarded research Fellowship of Plastic Art by the “Generalitat de Catalunya”.
  • Award of “Carta de Mestre Artesà”.
  • As President of AAPIFAD she organised the congress of “World 
Crafts Council” in Barcelona.
  • Awarded the “Cross of Sant Jordi” by the “Generalitat de Catalunya”.
  • Named honorary member of “International Academy of Modern Art” in Rome.
  • Selected President of the “Asociación de Promotores de Actividades” in 2002.
  • Appointed academic of “Sant Jordi School of Fine Arts” (San Sadurní de Noia).
  • Award of “Santiago Rossinyol of Arts and Cultural recognition” for all her artistic and cultural development.
  • Appointed member of “Economic and Financial Affairs Council of VEGAP”. 
Exhibited work at museums:
  • Museum of Mordern Art (Barcelona)..
  • National Museum of Engravings (Madrid).
  • Museum of “Vilanova i la Geltrú” (Barcelona).
  • Museum of “Pescia” (Itàlia).
  • National Museum of Contemporary Engraving (Madrid).
  • National Library of Spain (Madrid).
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Vicente Aguilera Cerni (Vilafamés, Castellón).
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Madrid.
  • Museum of Alto Aragón, (Huesca).
  • The Capellades Paper Mill Museum (Capellades, Barcelona).
  • Museum of Rafael Zabaleta (Quesada, Jaén).
  • The Terrassa Museum (Barcelona).
  • Museum of Contemporary art (Ibiza).
  • Museum Rufino Tamayo ( Mèxico).
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Granada.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art of “Païssos Catalans” (Banyoles, Girona)
  • International Musuem of Fine Arts (Guinea).
  • Museum of Montserrat (Barcelona).