PAU Alemany

PAU Alemany  (Barcelona el 1967)

Pau Alemany was born within the art world. He is a trained architectbut would devote most of his life to painting.

He learnt his painting skills with masters such as Guinovart, Ràfols Casamada and Serra de Rivera and under the influence of Tapies and Miro.

He would combine architectural studies together with employment at a painting and printmaking practice. During his training period in Barcelona, he would become the founder of the art and architectural group Gothic Sud and with whom he shared the workshop.

He would complete his architectural studies in Paris with a two-year masters degree in Los Angeles (USA). He also began sculpting whilst continuing to paint and exhibit his work.

From 1990 to the present, his exhibitions have been critically acclaimed.

Alemany has been nominated for both national and international shows and has received many awards. His work is displayed in collections around the world.