PAJARES, Juan Manuel

PAJARES, Juan Manuel  (Lleida 1957 )

Pajares was introduced to the impact of large-scale canvas painting using acrylics, collages and paints. Driven by insatiable creativity and his search for perfection, he instantly conveys to his audience the sincerity that he has for his work. His work can be seen in exhibitions throughout the whole of Catalan. 
He broke through and developed his prospects following his exhibition at “Agora Gallery” in Soho, New York in 2000. Inspired by the streets of New York, his work was characterised by chunks of urban reality.
He created his own way of working to deliver what we might call “Street Art” 
In October 2004 in New York, there was the joint exhibition of ‘Urban Myths’ by Pajares and Alicia de la Torre, which was where Pajares met Frank Jackson (Art for Progress), promoter for artists that exhibit at ongoing collective art exhibitions.

In 2006 he exhibited at Gallery Thierry Veaux (The Art Key), Isle-sur- la-Sorgue, which was a new challenge in neighbouring France. He was received with great enthusiasm and has since participated in international art fairs in key places such as Nîmes, Grenoble, Strasbourg and many more.

From 2009 to the present, he has a permanent exhibition at Base Elements Art Gallery in Barcelona, which is closely linked to the artistic movements of Street Art.

The Villa del Arte in Barcelona has also carried his work since 2010. His work is well known at all the worldwide art fairs including London, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Singapore, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In 2011 on the coast of Garraf in Barcelona, he began a new challenge with the prestigious Sitges gallery “Guerrero Galeria d’Art”.

In 2011, Gallery Alain Daudet in Toulouse joined the extensive list of galleries exhibiting his work.

2012 was a crucial year for Pajares. Gregor Brocker at Greg’s Gallery Timerdorfer Stand expressed his clear enthusiasm for Pajares’ work by representing the artist and lead forward in what was considered a difficult time for the country.

Pajares is currently staying true to his passion, creating work in his workshop for the numerous galleries who have chosen to exhibit his work.

“Art is mediator of expression that has accompanied man in his evolution from the beginning of his existence “. Rosa Boloix