HIRO ANDO – Japan 1973

On line Pop Art (Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein …), Hiro Ando’s work showcases Pop Art of contemporary Japanese culture. In contrast to Western art, this young artist offers an art of protest, combining a heavy historical past and an openness to the modern world.

Hiro Ando is an artist of reserved nature.

Hiro Ando is a Japanese artist, born in 1973 on the island of Shikoku.

Starting in the 1990s he kickstarts his career as an illustrator, but gradually, his work takes him through a more personal artistic process.

Hiro Ando is a versatile artist who works 3D, draws, paints, sculpts … and skillfully plays with different formats, using his brush and mouse as his main tools.

In 2005, he founded with Saori Nakamishi “CRAZY NOODLES STUDY ” with the desire to promote the creation and dissemination of young artists (mostly Japanese) and to also share their artistic sensibility.

Exhibitions, art fairs, and investors in art from around the world observe their creations  and begin to believe it.

Gradually in the world of art he becomes the Japanese artist worth following closely.

Hiro Ando lives and works in Tokyo and Shanghai. His paintings have Tokyo’s nights as common background, in which the urban landscape is perfectly reproduced. In the foreground curious characters who seem drawn from familiar cartoons or manga. Consequently,  in his work we find: schoolgirls with pleated skirts and cats holding a katana in their hands or paws. Some other animals featured in his work are pandas, koi, samurais …

As a result of his style, and similar to Takashi Murakami, Hiro Ando seizes traditions and  Japanese cultural codes and customs to move forward towards a more modern urban society with Western characteristics.  

As an illustrator and designer … Hiro Ando is a multi-media and nifty artist, bringing cats on his paintings to life in 3D form. He offers several series of sculptures . Hiro Ando’s Cats come in different forms: UrbanCat, SamouraïCat, SumoCat, and RobotCat, all between 10 and 60 inches, and are made of resin or porcelain.

Hiro Ando uses cats from Japanese culture to symbolize the dialogue between modernism and traditionalism. Maneki Neko for instance is a Japanese cat who symbolizes fetish and good luck.

The Japanese artist offers through his work an unusual immersion in the Japanese universe, a visit to Tokyo.


April  2008 “POP NEO MADE IN JAPAN” – Ariel Sibony- PARIS Galería

July 2008 “Tokyo Express” – Opera Gallery – LONDRES

October 2008 “DENTRO DE JAPÓN” – La 5ª Galería – PARIS

January 2009 “NIPPON 2009” – Ariel Sibony- PARIS Galería

January 2009 “maravillas” – Opera Gallery – HONG KONG

May 2009 “De Kioto a Tokio” – Galería Jacob Paulet – PARIS

July 2009 “EL MUNDO …. UNA HISTORIETA” – Willem Kerseboom Galería – AMSTERDAM

December 2009 “Shogun en Pokemonland” – Opera Gallery – GINEBRA

February 2010 “Nippon Neo Pop” – Galería Jacob Paulet – PARIS

May 2010 “Manga en Ámsterdam” – Willem Kerseboom Galería – AMSTERDAM

October 2010.   Nipoon Show- Galería 28 PARIS

February 2011. INSIDE JAPAN 2. La 5emeGalerie.Paris

March 2011. COLORFULL SCHOW.Sibman Gallery. Paris

April 2011. Collective Show. Galerie Alain Daudet. Toulouse.


October 2008. Hospital Real ARTLONDON –

March 2009. ARTPARIS Grand Palais –

May 2009 ARTAMSTERDAM – Amsterdam RAI –

June ​​2009 Scope Basel – Basilea Kaserne –

March 2009 ÁMBITO DE NUEVA YORK – 355 West 36th Street –

October 2009. SLICK PARIS – el 104 –

April 2010 Artfair Lille – Lille Grand Palais –

March 2011.ARTPARIS. Grand Palais. Paris


It was created in 2005 in Tokyo by Hiro Ando and Saori Nakamishi, with the goal to promote and disseminate young artists.

Initially, artists included were mostly young Japanese ones, but later Fanu (Paris) and Xiao Mei (Beijing) would also join. They all share the same attraction for Japanese Subculture: video games, cartoons, manga … and bright colors, kitsch universe, and Lolitas.

Works presented in the CRAZY NOODLES STUDY are not only friendly and tasteful, but they are also fun and popularly acclaimed.