GUINOVART BERTRAN, Josep (Barcelona, 1927 – 2007).

Josep Guinovart established himself between Barcelona and Paris and 
participated in the Sao Paulo, Alexandria, and Venice Biennials.

In 1955 he formed the Taüll group with Aleu, Cuixart, Muxart, Mercadé, Tàpies and Tharrats, bringing together artists from the art movement of that time.

His awards include: The City of Barcelona,The National Plastic Arts and Plastic Arts of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

In 1994, he would open the private foundation Espacio Guinovart in Agramunt in Lleida, where a permanent exhibition is dedicated to him.

Guinovart’s work is exhibited in the contemporary art museums in Barcelona, Madrid and Mexico City, the Queen Sofía (Madrid), the Museum of Fine Arts (Bilbao), the Casa de las Américas (Havana) and the Museum of Fine Arts (Long Island and New York) and many others.