BULTRINI , Mateo (Roma 1979)

Bultrini currently lives and works in Pratola Peligna, Province of L’Aquila. As a child, his passion for art and painting would already be inherent by the many trips he took with his parents to literary events with poets such as Foscolo, D’ Annunzio, Leopardi and Pessoa. It was during his youth training studies that his freedom of thought led him to develop his own interpretation of art.

Works by the great masters of modern and contemporary art such as Modigliani, Burri, Pollock and Rauschenberg, inspired him. The informal language preferred by Bultrini conveyed the first experiences of youth. Abstract painting became the medium to express feelings and emotions. The choice of materials was of great importance and marks his entire artistic career. MDF would become the base of his creations. His first works reflected the strong influence of the American artist Jackson Pollock (drip painting). In the latter years, Bultrini would learn that a variety of materials could be used to create work, e.g. recycled waste scraps.

Alberto Burri’s research and study of colour led him to experiment with the combustion of plastics. Combustion would become an instinctive act that related solely to the informal language of his work. In 2006, Bultrini presented his first solo exhibition, ‘Practical Reasons’ at the Museum of the Palace Santoro Colella Pratola Peligna.

In 2007, it would be a timely visit to the Robert Rauschenberg retrospective exhibition in Paris that led Bultrini to a change round in his own style and artistic language. Together with the support of his teacher Ezio Zavarella, he began his introspective and reflective work about existence. This period lasted about a year and led to the series of works entitled ‘Pieces Noires’. His new work discovered originality that was lacking in previous work. Each work was a theatrical representation of the human mind and its memory. He adopted two options: he used black to represent the unfamiliarity of the mind and combustion to suggest its mental abstract theory.

During this period, Bultrini was invited to exhibit in several exhibitions including:

  • ” XV Premio Gabriele D’ Annunzio ”
  • Pescara, ” XV Festival de Pintores Peligni ”
  • Castelvecchio Subequo (October 2007)
  • ”Colectiva Pintores Peligni ” Palacio Santoro Colella
  • Pratola Peligna (NOvember 2007), ” Teletón ”
  • Sede BNL L’ Aquila (December 2007 ) , “Serie V los Caminos del alma”
  • Premio Nacional de poesía y dibujo – Palacio de los Nobles – L’ Aquila (June 2008 )
  • “Caminos para piezas Noires “, exposición – Taverna Ducale – Pueblos (June 2008 ) .

Bultrini research would become more introspective by reading and studying psychoanalysis, including Nietzsche and Freud. His research would lead him to the irrationality of man and the meaning of existence, and explains the unique, newfound style in the series of works for ‘Memory Chambers’. 
Again, he would be invited to exhibit his work in both group and solo exhibitions in Italy and overseas.

  • “Desde el futurismo hasta el contemporáneo ”
  • “Quirinal Dioscuri” – Roma (April 2009), ” Mateo Bultrini ” exposición
  • Masters Galerías de arte – Barcelona – España (May 2010 ), ” Horizontes de Arte Contemporáneo”.
  • Fundación Venanzo Crocetti – Roma (April 2011 ). “VentiperVenti Salón Internacional de Pequeño Formato”
  • Taller Creativo Lineadarte – Nápoles (June 2011).

He is currently participating in the exhibition by Pier Paolo Bellucci, ‘Memory Chambers’ at the Mediamuseum, Pescara.