AMAT, Antoni

AMAT, Antoni ( Barcelona 1960 )

Dali significantly influenced Amat’s early career. The Mediterranean landscape and Picasso’s work also inspired him.

Amat combined his studies at the art institutes of IADE and Escola Massana in Barcelona with employment at the Ramón Carrera design studio. In Barcelona he explored the different art techniques and painting concepts.

Amat received many awards following his first exhibition in 1975. In the early years of his career, the influence of Dali was unmistakable, together with the surrealism art movement in Paris at that time. This lasted until about 1980.

It was in the1980s that his own artistic traits came through, which led to his current work. In the 90s, he would exhibit his work in many countries including France, Germany, Spain and Italy. He exhibited work in major cities such as Barcelona and New York including art fairs at Art-Frankfurt in Germany, and Kunts-Rai in Amsterdam.

In his new work, AMAT shows us the scope of possibilities for expressing what is commonly known, but also opened the door to a more intellectual level. The power behind this act together with the definite strength of light and colour consolidated in his work transmits a vital nerve to his canvases.

In the late 90’s, AMAT incorporated the subject matter into his work. The fractured surface of the world cracking from its own weight raises its own questions. A world of niceties is possible where everyone lives together in harmony. He would create a dense world that is disrobed to discover the hidden breadth of power and colour with provocative vitality.

AMAT’s developing interest in the field of graphic work, sculptures and large work would also intensify. The possibility to extract more segments from life cannot be pursued with painting alone. By opening a window, he asserts his right to break up a material world and reveal an infinite interpretation of life. “…it’s like the search for fire or the sea… the impulse of nature is brazen as if not understanding its own beliefs. If we wait for consistency we will meet with dissatisfaction…”

The restrained brush escapes its tedious wait to make contact with matter falling into an abyss and irreversible existence. It’s an anonymous piece filled with fresh energy. The cracked earth pushed by its decision slips and gives rise to its own weight creating an abrupt surface and a sigh of silent colour.

The natural bareness that spills onto the canvas and its conception is complicit to any restlessness in whatever form, the healed scars in a period of time, the grim creators of shadows, and signs without a name seeking its place in a diverse universe.

The work of Amat looks through our eyes for a possible meeting place without boundaries, where the words are fate and nature a symbol. We are invited ultimately to be the creators of what we see.