AMANCIO Gonzalez

AMANCIO Gonzalez ( Leon 1965 )

Amancio González is a sculptor from Leon and an internationally celebrated artist.

Amancio’s latest international event took him to Turkey. He believes that Turkey has reached a key moment in history: “…economically they function better than us and are trying to reach out to Europe through culture. I have already been involved in several cultural events in Turkey and the latest event, the International Symposium of Sculpture in Iskenderun, was very significant. Iskenderun is an industrial city that is completely renovating its surroundings, particularly the port and beaches.”

Amancio took part in their symposium with many other international artists including French, English, Romanian and American artists. “Each artist invited to attend collaborated with fine art students to produce and present a project. We realised what could be achieved in such little time…

Amancio’s ‘Return’ project was created in iron leaving behind the typical wood and stone carvings produced by his contemporaries. “…a sculpture with these features could otherwise not have been produced. It stands more than five metres tall and is based on man’s return to land after being away for a long while. ‘Return’ represents the man who walks through air from far across the sea pushed by the wind, realising that everything in a day is stored in his heart. The man that walks finally returns home to stay and the circle closes…

The location for Amancio’s sculpture is by the sea resting between palm trees and looking out to the West. On the horizon stands a human figure in motion made of welded metal fragments. This is a technique that the artist has previously used in some of his works. The protagonist’s foot supports his own powerful structure whilst the other foot rests on a buoyant metallic cube. “… Suppose,” Amancio suggests, “that under the cube is nothing more than experiences, dreams, feelings and emotions that the person preserves from places he inhabited in his previous life and now brings back”.