‘AFRICA AYCART   Algeciras 1969

Spaniard Artist who takes up the painting space as an action with therapeutic value. Her excellent proposal mixes the investigation with abundant emotion. That, is for sure, the most remarkable feature in her identity as an artist.


The observation and the technical audacity delivered when she paints is the reaffirmation, in a timeless context, of an emotional outburst of part of any soul. Africa cannot be defined as a moderated artist. On the contrary, her pictorial signs are a praiseworthy effort to apprehend – in vain – the secret of a surface that reveals itself as cubist, spontaneous, kaleidoscopic and elusive. Africa’s work can be understood as the metaphor of her own life.


In her work, Africa has the faculty to “restore” to a level, which is typical of any surgical deformation. In her work, each “fragment” gets the meaning and magnitude of the “whole”.  She juggles between pixels and the mathematics of visual effects. She knows the rule, but she skips the rhetorical space to find out her own way to understand the pictorial surface. In her work, it exists collusion between reality, photography and image. These three elements are essential in the definition of her work. Each brush-stroke becomes alive.